Handmade 7 African Powers Bracelet- Rose Quartz

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The 7 African powers are the most powerful and worshipped orishas represented by  Obatala, Eleggua, Chango, Oggun, Yemaya, Oshun, and Orunmila. It is said that when the 7 are brought together in prayer amazing things are bound to happen to those involved. 

This bracelet is made of Rose Quartz the stone of love, harmony, trust, and harmony. This bracelet is perfect for those who wish to attract love, heal love, grow love, and trust in love. 

Each bracelet also contains the following crystals

(Red Agate)- Protects the root chakra, helping harmonize and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

(Amber)- A healer and cleanser of the body, amber has been known to help clear depression, stimulate our senses so we are able to concentrate and enance our creativity.

(Tiger Eye)- A stone of protection, known to attract good luck and ward off evil eye, witchcraft, and bad luck

(Eliat Stone)- A stone for healing that blends 3 different chakras to heal emotional issues.

(Turquoise)- Represents wisdom and tranquility, A stone that helps protect the wearer while also  providing tranquility for the mind.

(Lapiz Lazuli)- A stone of clarity and truth, used in ancient civilizations for power, wisdom, and to increase our spiritual abilities.

(Amethyst)- Stone of calmness and Peace, Amethyst helps purify the mind of negative thoughts while stimulating the crown chakra with its vibrations.